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This game, by design, is not for everyone: it is not a casual game. The main reason I made this game is because I was surprised at the lack of truly strategic tower defense games. From the bottom up, that is what this game is designed to be. In many ways, this game is easy, but until you understand the systems, it will be difficult. It does very little hand-holding: you'll have to figure out a lot of things for yourself through experience and experimentation. (This is a choice, not laziness)

A few of the games focuses include an in-depth level creator, infinite waves, all sorts of enemies and towers to discover, and an almanac of helpful junk.

Graphics are clearly not my strong point. I'm actually looking to find someone to do pixel art for a few game ideas I have, so if you are interested, please contact me at my website.

I stress that this game is not for everyone. If it sounds like your kind of thing, I hope you enjoy! For questions, comments, or seeing any of my other work, please visit my website.


Atrusario C|:3D


TowerDefense 1.1.0.zip 1 MB